Cloth Mask
Cloth Mask
Cloth Mask
Cloth Mask
Cloth Mask
Cloth Mask

Cloth Mask

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Pre Order-delivery 9th of June 

Cloth masks made from 100% Cotton and Irish Linen.

I’ve been making cloth masks for donation since the 1st  of April. I’ve made almost 345 masks for our most vulnerable.
My cloth masks are washable and reusable. They are well made and breathable. 
They come in 2 sizes. 



Masks are €12 each and €5 of each sale goes directly to Darkness Into Light in honour of our dear friend Phil Martin. Gone but never forgotten. ❤️
I’ll release a set number of masks per week. 

Making and donating to charity has kept me grounded. It’s helped me focus on community and oneness with others near and far. 
I would encourage cultivating an attitude of abundance rather than scarcity. 
Suppot local food suppliers, makers, brewers, distillers. Bake, play Lego with your kids or get some for your adult self. 
Swing ball is sold out apparently! Loved that game as a kid. 

So heres the important stuff.

This is a Pre Order. Expect to receive your order by the 9th of June.

Its going to be a case of You Get What You Get And You Don't Get Upset in terms of fabric choice.

My kids hate when I say that to them! Sorry in advance folks. 

There is a drop down for Plain/Pattern when your ordering you cloth mask. 

Stay safe. 

The biggest hug to you.