Modern Irish linen homeware and gifts. Designed, printed and created by Liz Walsh.


Hi and welcome to my creative world!

I am Liz Walsh, founder of 29 Bride Street-Dublin's Hand Printed Irish Linen House.

I have always wanted to honour my heritage and Irish Linen has afforded me that opportunity. Sourcing Linen here in Ireland is central to 29 Brides Streets brand values. Our rich heritage with this fabric sits nicely with my ethos of building a craft business in Ireland.

Every aspect of the business is home grown. I design, print and sew every single Bride Street product. It’s a labor of love to work with Irish Linen, crafting my products and pairing modern printed designs with this Heritage fabric. 

When a customer purchases a 29 Bride Street piece, they are creating links to the future of Irish Linen.

The value in a circular economy is one that is at the heart of my business. Everything is sourced in Ireland. Hardware is purchased from Irish suppliers, Linen is woven in Ireland. The rest of Brides Streets magic is in my hands.

 I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer living and working in Dublin. I teach textile printing and ceramics and am a Teaching Artist at FaceBook's Analogue Lab.