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Our Linen is strong as steel, delicate as silk and with an appearance as varied and attractive as an Irish landscape

Our Brand is Irish Made and very proud to go the extra mile to get the fabric we love to work with.

At 29 Bride Street we make everything from scratch. Liz designs the artwork, mixes up the dyes and prints all the linen. Monika takes the printed fabric and turns them into Wash Bags, Fabric Buckets, Project Bags for crafters, Cushions and Messenger Bags. We have our tiny Work+Shop in The Iveagh Trust Building in Dublin 8’s Historical Quarter.

Linen production had almost died off but for the few mills scattered around Ireland. It's tough to work with, it crumples just by looking at it but it's beautiful to print onto. We are so happy that there are still flax mills turning out what has been prized for centuries as “the aristocrat among textiles”.

From Flax to Finish we are Irish Made. Designed together and Made to Last.